Adult Programs

1. Old School = No Contracts, No Uniforms (Shirt and Shoe Requirement), No Set Curriculum.

Great Training formatted to ENHANCE Everyone’s skill set in the working tools of the Philippine Martial Art Known as Kombatan (Presas Style).
This Art is effective for Todays environment!
This System of FMA will only complement what you know.
Train 2 times a Week
Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 – 8:30 PM
$40 a Month or$10 Drop In
(A Current Waiver needs to be on File)

2. Official Kombatan Presas Program

(Get Started Today Call for an appointment)

3. Berdugo Unlimited Program

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Call (503) 657-3408
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Berdugo Martial Arts Center

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  • Schedule Updated December 2018

    Welcome to the North American Headquarters for KOMBATAN Martial Arts (Presas Style). Located in Clackamas, Oregon, we are a direct school from the Philippines and are under the direction of Great Grandmaster Ernesto A. Presas Sr. (founder and president of this system). This school is sanctioned by the International Philippine Martial Arts Federation (IPMAF). Berdugo […]