Schedule Updated December 2018

Welcome to the North American Headquarters for KOMBATAN Martial Arts (Presas Style). Located in Clackamas, Oregon, we are a direct school from the Philippines and are under the direction of Great Grandmaster Ernesto A. Presas Sr. (founder and president of this system). This school is sanctioned by the International Philippine Martial Arts Federation (IPMAF).

Berdugo Martial Arts Center (BMAC) is dedicated to the growth of Philippine Martial Arts. This school is not about its instructors. It is about being a vehicle for Filipino Martial Arts (FMA). We specialize in the Martial Art of Kombatan (Presas Style), but support and promote all FMA, regardless of style. This Art in the past has been called Arjuken and Modern Arnis. Today it is known as Kombatan (Presas Style)

What does that mean to you as a student of this school? It means you will be taught the system of Kombatan (Presas Style) exactly how Great Grandmaster Presas would teach it to you. You will not be taught the instructors version of the art. All of our Black Belt (Lakan) Rankings come from Great Grandmaster Presas himself. This school and the students are accountable in this art to the founding father of this system. That means you get to learn the complete system of Kombatan, just as if you were in the Philippines. The systems you will learn in this art:

•Doble Baston (double stick)
•Solo Baston (single stick)
•Espada y Daga (sword and knife)
•Bolo Classical
•Sipa-An (Kicking)
•Mano – Mano (Hand to hand)
•Dumog (Ground fighting)
•Bankaw (6 foot staff)
•Dulo – Dulo (double tipped short stick)
•Locking, Trapping, Takedowns, & Throwing
•Paliton (Give n Take)
•Sparring (weapons)
•Police Techniques
•Daga sa Daga (Knife to Knife)
•Anyo’s (weapons form)
•Classical Applications (Ocho-Ocho, Abaniko, Doblata, Doblete, Banda-Banda, Sungkiti – Tutsada, & Rompida)
•“Street Defense” (Modern applications for today’s society)
•Arnis De Mano


All systems are complete. It is the ABCs of Filipino Martial Arts. All ranges of fighting are covered: 1) Projectiles, 2) Weapons – Kicking, 3) Hand – Knife, 4) Takedowns – Trapping, and 5) Ground. For weapons, it is also known as Largo, Medio, Corto (Long, Medium, Short) ranges.

We travel to the Philippines as a group every odd year (for those who wish to go) to participate in the IPMAF Training Camp and Tournament. Grandmaster Michael Bowers (Chief Instructor of North America and Senior Instructor for BMAC) travels to the Philippines frequently as most of his family live there. He has been training in this art for 21 plus years and has been teaching the art of Kombatan since 1996. He still considers himself as a student of the art.